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    Combine Slippy and Polygon Maps

      Hi -- I'm relatively new to Qlik Sense. I want to create a map chart that combines both the features of the slippy maps and the Polygon Maps. I have financial data from a number of health centers across the country. Those health centers have latitude and longitude data in my table. I also have data on poverty levels in each state in the country (US Census), and while I'm sure it'd take some work, I could get the ISO code in there to connect it to a KML file.


      What I would love to have is a map where each state is color coded based on poverty level, and then points on the map for each health center, where each point is colored based on revenue level. So, everything in one map of the US.


      Is this possible? I've heard about layers in Qlik, but am not sure of how to work with them. Would that be an approach?


      Thanks in advance for the help!