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    Percentage bar chart

      Hi guys,


      I have the following data:


      ID          Type          Reactivated

      1               A                    0

      2               A                    0    

      3               A                    0

      4               A                    0

      5               A                    0

      6               B                    1

      7               B                    0

      8               B                    0

      9               B                    0

      10             B                    0


      What I want to do with this data is to create a bar chart. As dimensions, I have Type and Volume(which is not included here, it's irrelevant). I have created it, but I want to change it a bit.




      What I want to do is:

      Incident - no Reactivation, therefore I would like the bar to show 100%

      Request - one reactivation out of ten, therefore, I would like the bars to show 90% and 10%.


      How could I do that?


      Thank you so much for your help,

      Adrian Culea