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    Understanding Port 4774 communication in the setup?

      Hi there.

      Could anyone please explain when or if the IE PlugIn at any time is using port 4774 (and not 4747) ? Thanks.


      I thought that opening port 4747 was what was needed for the system to work for a PlugIn user, but some one wrote: "this requires ports 4747 and 4774 opened in both client and server both inbound and outbound".


      Is it correct that port 4774 also must be opened (together with 4747), and what happens if it's not ? Will it then re-route to the slower solution through port 80 ?

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          Jonas Heisterkamp

          You can find this in the Server Ref. Manual



          QlikView Server






          Listens to

          QVP: 4747; QVP (tunneling): 4774; Broadcast: 14747; SNMP: 161



          Used by

          QDS, QMS, QVWS, QlikView Desktop/Internet Explorer plugin/OCX




          I think 4747 is enaugh, how the tunnelprotocol differ from qvp i dont know. If you get no connection to the qvs it try to use the http tunnel from the webserver to reach the server endpoint. The time to connect over http is longer because it falls back after the server connection timed out. Ping and bandwich woud be better with direct qvp but this matters only if the ressources at the limit.

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              Hi Jonas.

              Thanks - I did read that, but it is still not clear to me, if 4774 must be opened even if 4747 already is opened.


              As I understand the 4774 tunneling bit in the text, the PlugIn is not using 4774 unless it has to tunnel the session. And it only needs to tunnel the session when 4747 is not available. And therefor I guess that the answer is: that port 4774 is not demanded to be opened for the setup to work for a Plugin user if 4747 is opened.


              So the question is: Is that correct?


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              If all QlikView services are in the same computer, we only need to open outbound and inbound ports 4747 for Desktop licenses and Plugin, and port 80 for Ajax connections.

              If not, this is the relation of QlikView Services and ports:




              QlikView Server

              4747, 4774

              QlikView Distribucion Service


              QlikView Web Server

              4750, 80

              QlikView Management Service

              4780, 4799

              QlikView Directory Service Connector

              4730, 4735