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    Join Today's Getting Started with Qlik Sense Webinar - 2PM EST

    Michael Tarallo

      Hello Qlik Sense Community!


      Get started using the easiest and most powerful self-service data visualization product out there today.


      If you have not done so already, there is still time to sign-up for the Getting Started with Qlik Sense Webinar. These are weekly presentations and demonstrations that show you to quickly get started with Qlik Sense. This is a great session for those just starting and want to learn more about Qlik Sense and to see how it can help you visualize data and turn it into actionable information.


      If you have joined this in the past, no need to join today, BUT soon the product will be updated with new capabilities and features so stay tuned as the presentations and demonstrations will be modified to reflect these changes.


      Sometimes during these presentations - I show the mobile capabilities of Qlik Sense, demonstrating how you can start your self-service visualization experience on one device and finish it on another.


      You can register here: Getting started with Qlik Sense Desktop


      Hope to see you there.


      Kind Regards,


      Michael Tarallo