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    Compare sum of rows of column 1 with sum of rows column 2 in straight table with dimension limits

    Jeroen Jordaan

      Hi everyone,


      I'm stuck with probably something stupid.


      I have created a straight table with the dimension limits option.

      I want to show the top 10 (can be changed through a variable) with the total of the top 10 but also the total of the whole / total.


      So far so good. I have added a screenshot below.



      The problem that I have is that for the total of the whole / total I use the 'Show total' option in the Dimension Limits

      and for the total of the Top 10 I use the Total Mode 'Sum of Rows' of the expression.


      But for the column Index LYTD (which is a comparison of sales with Sales LY * 100) the calculation is correct for the whole / total but not for the Top 10. In my screenshot I use the Total Mode 'Expression Total' (which is not correct) but I cannot use Sum or Average of Rows.


      The outcome must be 172.


      I hope someone can help.


      Thank you in advance