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    How to Change Text to Numeric



      Here is my current formula, but it is not working because of the Rank function:


      colormix1(Rank( TOTAL $(variablecolumn), 4, 1)/(Count({1}TOTAL Distinct $(variablecolumn))+1), RGB(0,155,225), RGB(255,255,255))



      What I am trying to do is:

      1) The user can select any column as "variablecolumn".

      2) The chart would then use "variablecolumn" as the second dimension

      3) The color of the second dimension would be a gradient based on "variablecolumn", so if there are 5 values, they would order the values (by number or alphabet depending on the field) and then use colormix to create the gradient.



      So I am using Rank to number the variablecolumn fields, but I want the color to be consistent across the first dimension, but I'm having a hard time.


      Any ideas?