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    Encoded URL to open a QVW report


      Hello All,


      Our client has a solution integrating a java-based web application hosted using Tomcat with qvajaxZFC hosted on QlikView 11.2 Webserver. Thhey were able to manage an interface integration by using frames issuing get requests to AJAX ZFC accesspoint.  For security purposes, one of the requirements is to use an encoded URL (i.e. encode( http://<IP ADDRESS>/QvAJAXZfc/opendoc.htm?document=<QVW Document.qvw>&host=<host name>)  ,  encoding type will be decided later) to open a QlikView document from the QVServer.  My inquiry is which file in the QlikView server will be edited or changed to be able to decode and open the passed URL? How this can be achieved?

      Thank you in advance and more power!