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    QlikView - IIS - NetScaler Loadbalancer -> Configuration

    Oliver Berger



      I just want to know is there something special within the IIS configuration when it comes to more than 1000 QlikView Users in clustered QVS / QDS environment (e.g. timeout values etc.)


      Currently we also have two QVWS and the NetScaler LB. Most of the time the webserver refused the connection to a specific QVW and the user get a lot of errors.


      We want to determine the optimum settings for the application, as the load balancing settings are largely application dependent. There is no configuration that will just plain work – we need to understand how the application handles the HTML data between the client and the web server.


      Finally, I’d just like to make sure expectations are set.  Although bypassing the NetScaler caused the problem to disappear, please understand that this does not mean that the NetScaler is the problem.  We have seen in the past with another application that an incorrect setting on the Web Server itself was causing malformed HTML to be passed between the client and the server through the NetScaler.  The NetScaler will reject malformed code, so the problem ended up being a symptom and not the root cause.  That being said, we will troubleshoot this issue from the NetScaler side and with vendor assistance if needed, and this troubleshooting should at worst help us to pinpoint the root cause wherever it may lie.

      Attached some QVW application information.

      Thank you in advance.