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    Automatic Reload with QlikView already opened


      Hi all,

      i'm evaluating QlikView for both historical Data Analisys and Near-Real Time Monitoring (i.e. new data each 15 minutes):

      A question about Reload for Near-Real Time Monitoring with QlikView Enterprise (no server)

      is it possible to automatic reload data each N minutes with QlikView already open, so that users will view new data elaboration with no interaction?

      I've searched a lot in the forums, but i only found how to batch reload





        • Automatic Reload with QlikView already opened
          Johannes Sunden

          With QlikView Server serving the clients with the document you can set it up to refresh gracefully without the need to re-open the document.

          Check the Server tab under Settings - Document Properties in QlikView.

          So if you have document A opened via Server and the document A is reloaded by someone, QlikView Server will know that the document has been updated and load the new document in to memory and do a seamless switch, depending on the graceful refresh settings you use.

          There should be more information on this in the reference manuals.