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    Permission to delete entire App in QS Hub

    Benjamin Way

      I have setup a single node Qlik Sense site on Server 2012 and learning how to manage it.  I have noticed that we are not able to delete unpublished apps in the "My Work" section from within the Qlik Sense Hub.  Even when logged in to the Hub as my Root Admin account I cannot delete an app from within the Hub under the My Work section that I created using that same account.  No menu pops up when I right-click on the app on this page:



      If you are able to create your own app from scratch I would think you should be able to delete your own unpublished app in the My Work section too.

      I ran an Audit of the security rules to my app to confirm I have permission to delete and the Owner rule would seem to state that I should have permission to delete this unpublished app:



      I can delete sheets, stories, bookmarks from within the app without issue from the Hub.  I am just not able to delete the app itself from the Hub.

      I am aware that you can delete apps from within the QMC as I read in the documentation but it would be better to let Designers/Developers delete their own unpublished apps in their My Work section than having an admin do that for them in the QMC.



      I saw this discussion but it seems to regard running the Hub from Qlik Sense Desktop.  Where as I am running Hub from a Site on a Server platform.  We are running version 1.0.2 SR2.


      Thank you,