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    Very basic Set Analysis Question

      I am trying to do a set analysis that involves EXCLUDING all of the 'Data related error' counts from dimension CategoryDescription while at the same time only counting only those CategoryResult that = 'Failure'. Is this level of set analysis even possible in QV 9?


      To think of this visually, i have a chart with 5 different CategoryDescription dimensions (A,B,C,D, and Data Related error) The sum of Attempts for ABCD are about 100 each but the sum of data related error is like 10000 because its not valid data for what im trying to do and thus. I want to exclude that particular type of Description entirely from my chart. But at the same time, I want to make sure that everything that IS counted is only from the population of data where CategoryResult = 'Failure' (Success and a few other results should be excluded)


      Is it possible to set inclusions and exclusions on 2 different dimensions in the same set analysis formula? Obviously my formula below is wrong... any help?



      sum( {$-1<CategoryDescription = {"*Data related error*"}>} (sum({$<CategoryResult = {'Failure'}>} Attempt )) )