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    question on using a for loop structure to create fields

    gerry castellino

      I'm using the Hierarchy function to create a hierarchy tree structure.


      I want to fix the node depth to 15.  I'm using the below for loop to do this, but does not work.

      The leaf nodes get generated as Location1, Location2, etc.

      My logic is as follows for my loop:


      Loop through my fields, say if the leaf ends at 7, use the for loop to generate fields [8-15]

      I seem to be having a problem with this statement:

      If FieldNumber('Location'$(v_level),’TMP_FRY14A’) = 0

      It does not like the concatenation that I've used.

      Any help appreciated !





      Hierarchy(ChildID, ParentID, Location, ParentLocation, Location, Path, \, NodeDepth)



      NODE_ID as ChildID,

      PARENT_ID as ParentID,

      NAME as Location,







      FROM [$(Parameters_Path_Qvd_Data)\FRY14A.qvd](qvd);


      For v_level1 = 1 to 15

        If FieldNumber('Location'$(v_level),’TMP_FRY14A’) = 0 then 


             For v_level2 = $v_level1 to 15

                  concatenate (TMP_FRY14A)


                         null() as Location$(v_level2)

                       autogenerate(1) where RecNo() <0;



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          Rob Wunderlich

          Could you be more specific about "It does not like the concatenation that I've used.". Script error? Unexpected results?


          What are you trying to do with?

            autogenerate(1) where RecNo() <0;

          That will generate zero rows Same as

          Autogenerate 0;


            • Re: question on using a for loop structure to create fields
              gerry castellino

              I'm getting the foll. error in the log:


              2015/02/06 10:28:41: 0037    If FieldNumber('Location',’TMP_FRY14A’) = 0 then

              2015/02/06 10:28:41:         General Script Error

              2015/02/06 10:28:41:         Execution Failed

              2015/02/06 10:28:41:      Execution finished.


              What I'd like the construct to do is test for the existence of a field via my v_level expansion  loop.

              In effect I'd like the line to read like:

              ****  If FieldNumber('Location7',’TMP_FRY14A’) = 0 then ****

              autogenerate(1) where RecNo() <0;

              I just wanted to create blank columns in my table,  I came across the code above.

              It works when I do it as follows:


              elseif FieldNumber('Location7','TMP_FRY14A') = 0 then

                 concatenate (TMP_FRY14A)


                     null() as Location7,

                  null() as Location8,

                  null() as Location9,

                  null() as Location10,

                  null() as Location11,

                  null() as Location12,   

                  null() as Location13,

                  null() as Location14,

                  null() as Location15

                 autogenerate(1) where RecNo() <0;