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    Exchange rate conversion

    Settu Periyasasamy

      I have the 3 tables

      1st table contains : Customer, Product, Loaded_Currency and List Price.

      2nd table contains : EFF_Currency, EFF_CUR_TO, Exchange Rate

      3rd table contains : EFF_Currency, Product, Effective Price.

      1st table sample data:


      2nd table data:

      3rd Table:


      Now, I need the chart like the Below (Need to shows the two Products and effective price also based on Exchange rate)

      i used the expression like the below

      =Only([Effective Price])*Only({<EFF_CUR_TO={'$(=Loaded_Currency)'}>}[Exchange Rate]).


      But, the result, shows as null... I attached the sample app..


      Can you help on this?



      Settu P