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    Error on selecting values

    Clever Anjos

      I´m using this piece of code in order to select values inside my extension


      .style("fill", function (d, i) { return fill(i); })
      .attr("text-anchor", "middle")
      .on("click", function(d, i) { qv.selectValues(0,[d.text.trim()],true) })
      .attr("transform", function (d) { return "translate(" + [d.x, d.y] + ") rotate(" + d.rotate + ")"; })
      .style("font-size", function (d) { return d.size + "px"; })
      .text(function (d) { return d.text;})
      .append("svg:title").text(function (d) { return d.text + ':' + d.value; });


      this method qv.selectValues(0,[d.text.trim()],true) is beeing called on 'click' event (please see the attached image), shows the selection toolbar and one error is generated.


      Using devTools I could see the error code


      <p class="dm-p" q-translation="ErrorCode.-32602">Parâmetros inválidos de protocolo JSON</p>


      Could anyone help me?