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    QlikView 11 Root Folder issue


      I have a question about QlikView 11.20.12664.0  and how it stores the distributed documents.


      I’m wondering why it creates a folder called Root Folder ?


      Because under System -> Setup -> QVS ->Folders   we specify a folder for Root folder




      But after we run the Loop & Reduce on a document the system creates a folder called “ Root Folder” inside our Documents folder !! why ?

      And at the moment it creates duplicate, 1 inside Documents and another inside Root Folder


      Is this something new in QlikView 11 ?



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          Rob Wunderlich

          I encountered this problem on a much earlier upgrade. The problem was due to a corrupted distribution specification for the task. Go into the task def for one of these tasks. Check the Distribute setting and make sure it is set to the correct folder and server. Even if it is, set it again and press the Apply button.


          In my case, the tasks were found to have a folder setting  called "Distrib" where they should have been using the Root. I used the QVPR analysis tool to find all tasks using folder Distrib and corrected them using QMC.