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    Pivot chart resizing columns

      I've noticed a somewhat disturbing "feature" when trying to resize the column width in a pivot chart.

      Take a look at the following image, taken before the resiging:

      error loading image

      Now I want to mak the dimensions column ("Rekeningen") narrower, so I grab the column spacer, and drag it to the left. Upon releasing the mouse button, this is what I see.

      error loading image

      Instead of becoming narrower, it becomes wider. It seems to be somewhat random. Not really what we'd expect, huh?

      I'm using Version 10 SR1, but have seen this also in Version 9 SR6. The options "Indent Mode" and "Use Only First Dimension Label" are checked. If I uncheck "Indent Mode", the problem doesn't arise, but my layout is not exactly pretty either.

      Any workarounds?