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    Are there PreReqs for rolling out QDF?

    Phillip Putzback

      I am planning to role out QDF tonight or tomorrow and I am unsure how to go about moving the existing configuration of the Servers.


      For instance, here are my folder settings for the servers.

      QDS App Data: D:\QlikView\Config\QDS

      QVS Root: D:\QlikView\Config\QVS

      QVS Logs: D:\QlikView\Config\QVS\Logs


      I moved them once before and I don't think I did it in the right order since one of the servers would not start until I opened a config file and manually updated the path in it.


      Nothing is really being used yet, so I am good with using all the defaults that the QDF installer will create. Can someone show a screenshot of how they have their Server folders configured with the QDF structure?




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          Magnus Berg

          Hi Philip, that's a good question. My recommendation is to separate Publisher (if you have a license) and QlikView server folder structure into a Back end (Publisher) Front End (QVS) relationship even if you have installed everything on the same server. This creates better security, and also if you in the future want to move the Publisher onto a separate server this becomes easy. These are my recommended folder roots, if you only have one server (else separate these onto the different servers):

          C:\QV-Docs\SourceDocs\Development   (QDS mounted For development)

          C:\QV-Docs\SourceDocs\Production (QDS mounted for production)

          C:\QV-Docs\UserDocs (QVS Root)

          C:\QV-Docs\Logs (QVS Logs)

          Read more in the
          Operations Guide.

          Hope this helps

          Best regards


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              Phillip Putzback


              We have two servers, one for development and the other for production. Following your recommendation, I plan on moving the following folders. Should the QDS Appdata folder map into SourceDocs\Development?


              QVS Root: D:\QlikView\Config\QVS to D:\QV-Docs\UserDocs (QVS Root)

              QVS Logs: D:\QlikView\Config\QVS\Logs to D:\QV-Docs\Logs (QVS Logs)


              I am unsure about this one

              QDS App Data: D:\QlikView\Config\QDS to D:\QV-Docs\SourceDocs\Development   (QDS mounted For development)


              I did find the QV 11 Upgrade and Migration Document.pdf and in section 5 it covers Re-locating QV servers. However I am not sure on the files that need to be moved.


              I am not sure what needs to be copied to the new directory structure, as far as the servers go. I will have to redo the applications with the new structure. Is it just the PGOs? Do I lose all existing logs?


              So far I know I need to.

              1. Stop all QV services

              2. Run QDF install

              3. Relocate QDS and QVS files, but which ones?

              My current structure.





              @Magnus Berg

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                  Phillip Putzback

                  I did the install. I was going to post screenshots, but when I click save reply it blows the screenshots away.



                  Document folders

                  • Root Folder = D:\QV-Docs\UserDocs


                  Mounted Folders

                  • SystemsDevelopment: D:\QV-Docs\UserDocs\2.Systems Development
                  • Shared_Folders: D:\QV-Docs\UserDocs\99.Shared_Folders
                  • Example: D:\QV-Docs\UserDocs\1.Example



                  Application Data Folder: D:\QV-Docs\SourceDocs


                  Source Folders





                  Now when I was going through this I was given an error that I had the wrong rights and would have to logout and login. I clicked OK but the wizard kept going until it threw an exception. At that point I logged of and on and went through the wizard again


                  Now I went through the exercises and I found out I could not save docs in the source folder. So I had to compare permissions to the old Qlikview folder and add the local system\QlikView Administrators to the folder. In order to do that I also had to break permission inheritance. Was that correct?

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                      Magnus Berg

                      Hi Phillip, it seems like an ok setup. It's fine to break permission inheritance as we need read and write access to the D:\QV-Docs folders. Regards Magnus

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                          Phillip Putzback

                          Shouldn't the install have added the rights. When I login to the Access point from either the web site or QlikView app I do not see any of the reports.


                          Also the VariableEditor in Admin\6.Script\2.VariableEditor... did not pull in the one container 2.SystemsDevelopment I created during install.


                          Are there steps to fully wipe the QFD from the system and do a reinstall?

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                            Phillip Putzback

                            When you say OK I feel like I did something wrong


                            if you would have done it different I would be happy to take any suggestions.


                            My setup includes two servers. One for development and one for production. Both have their own 1TB SSD D:Drive for the data, the drives are mirrored. This is where I want to put all (source and user) docs, and the Server root and log folders.


                            I notice now that using QV-DOCS\User Docs as the QVS root application folder causes all the report to show up twice.

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                                Magnus Berg

                                Hi Phillip, you should separate back end (Publisher) and Front end (QlikView Server) into separate folders, in our case SourceDocuments vs UserDocuments. Then you publish from the Source Documents to the User Documents using publisher tasks (here you also set security and will remove scripts/connection strings). It's all in the operations guide page 4. You can read more regarding publisher tasks from page 12. Hope that this helps.

                                Best regards