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    Selection problem

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a straight_table chart in one app which is based on two different Excel lists.

      The problem is, only one of these lists has a field "plant". The other just has an area - which, however, contains the plant. (The area, for instance, is "56LFS", so the plant is "56" - and when there is no number_part, the plant is the "default" 64.

      ´So, in my chart, I have a formula for the plant like this:


      >> IF(NOT(ISNULL(Werk)), Werk, IF(Keepchar(Einsatzbereich, '0123456789')='56', '5.6', '6.4')) <<


      (that is, whenever there is a plant (from one of the lists), I use that - if there isn't, I look at the area in the other list and if its number_part reads "56", then the plant is "5.6", otherwise it's "6.4".


      In general, that works and every line has a plant.

      <=> When I select the plant in one line directly in the chart, however, only that one line is selected rather than the plant, so I see only that one line rather than all lines that have the same plant.


      Can anyone tell me why that is?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,



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          Ruben Marin

          Hi DataNibbler, can you post what selections are made when you select the line? Add a Current slections object and check what selections are made, maybe there is more than only the plant.

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              Friedrich Hofmann

              Hi Ruben,


              I added a statusbox and you are right - I click on the field "plant" (selfmade) in one line, but at the same time, the ID of the forklift in that line is selected, so I see only that one.

              I am at a loss at why that could be. I haven't designed it that way. It must be a side_effect of something I've done.

              Similarly, when I set the chart to 'read_only' and instead add a listbox for that selection and select the plant "56" in that, I see only part of the lines with that plant.

              What is to be done there?

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                  Friedrich Hofmann



                  very strange: I just re-did that calculation in a listbox_object and when I ignore the field "plant" in one of the lists and only include the area from the other one - which, however, is the "master_list" where all our forklifts are enumerated - it looks much better. I can now select in the chart itself and I see much more - probably all there is though I must check.

                  It seems to be working now - but can you explain why it wasn't working before?


                  @ Marcus

                  Your suggestion makes sense - but apparently that was not the reason as I just have a front_end calculation now ...


                  P.S.: Oh no - one should always look closely - it works, but only from my listbox_object. When I select in the chart itself, I have the same issue as before - the ID is selected simultaneously and I only see that one line.

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                    Ruben Marin

                    Hi, if I understant it right, you have a line chart with different lines for the same plant, so there should be a dimension telling QV to set different lines and seems that dimension is related to the ID of the forklift, if this is the case, the selections made are the normal behaviour, because you are telling QV to select values related to that particular line.


                    If you want a filter that affects goups of lines I think you need to set that filter in a different object outside the chart.

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                  Marcus Sommer

                  Hi DataNibbler,


                  I would say that the selection in this case goes only on these records on which these particulary calculations is made and not on the calculation-value itself. I think you could it only solve if you made these calculation within the script and could then directly select a field-value.


                  - Marcus

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                    Michiel van de Goor

                    How about a mapping in your script?

                    Using mapsubstring  to convert the 56 to 5.6 combined with an if statement for area's where no 56 is found.

                    You could add more than one value of course in the mapping:


                    mapping Load * inline


                    area,     plant

                    56,          5.6

                    57,          5.7




                    IF(NOT(ISNULL(Werk)), '6.4', mapsubstring('area_map', Werk))