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    Doubts regarding QVScalability tool!!

    Nikhil Garg


      WHat sit he use of :

      1:  Serverinfo.xml ??

      Now   I make a test scenario and execute it , so a .jmx file is made. Now in next step, i give path of jmeter to bin and execute for virtual number of users.

      I have a questiont hat,


      2: why we are specifing path to bin ?? Does it automatically open jmeter instance ??


      3: And how does jmeter knows on which dashboard to throw virtual users.


      4: Do i need to manually go to dashboard? because during test i am not even opening a browser then how does virtual users hit the dashboard ?


      Plz explain.



        • Re: Doubts regarding QVScalability tool!!
          Pawel Fobka

          Please take into consideration that community is a place for searching help but there are some rules here.

          The topic might be for information sharing or it might be a question. I do not understand why you're using exclamation marks in most of the new topics that you create.


          If it comes to your questions:


          1. ServerInfo.xml is helpful to see detailed configuration of your server in an xml format, also if you correctly set WorkingSet in ServerMetaFetcher.qvw its values will be presented in the charts, so you can observe if your server is saturated in RAM.


          2. Yes, path is specified in order to use the jmeter


          3. Please, read the documentation QVScalabilityTools.pdf pages 7-9 as it contains detailed information on that topic.


          4. Virtual Users are reaching QlikView applications based on URL to the document - all this information are explained in QVScalabilityTools.pdf pages 7-9