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    How to get filter pane selections?

    Lokeshwer Sathyanarayanan

      I have an extension that enables navigation with existing application. I need the filterpane selection info from my extension so that I can preserve the same experience in my app. In nutshell, I need to access the filterpane selection from extension.



      Say I have drill down to select region (Americas), country (US) and state (Texas) using filter pane. Some how I need to get the user selection from my extension that is (Americas,US,Texas)


      Hope I posted my problem clearly

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          Nick Webster



          You can get the current selections using the "getObjectProperties" method. Below is a code snippet for a simple extension that will demonstrate one way that this can be done.


          I hope that helps.






          define( [



          function ( qlik ) {

            var app = qlik.currApp();

            return {

            paint: function ($element) {


                        var html = "";

                        var selections = model.layout.qSelectionObject.qSelections;

                        for (var s in selections){

                          html += "<label style='font-weight:bold;'>";

                          html += selections[s].qField;

                          html += ": </label>";

                          html += selections[s].qSelected;

                          html += "<br />";






          } );