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    Copy sheet to clipboard and resize picture

      Dear all,


      I know this problem is not that new, but I have not been able to find a (proper) solution so far.


      What I want to achieve is:


      • that the visible content of a sheet is copied to the clipboard and
      • the image stored in the clipboard is cropped (e.g. 10px from the right, 15px from the top, 20px from the botton and 25 px from the left)
      • the cropped image is available from the clipboard


      Zooming the sheet and resizing/rescaling the image afterwards does not seem to be the solution.


      Has anyone solved this issue so far?


      Best regards and thanks in advance


        • Re: Copy sheet to clipboard and resize picture
          Nick Hoff

          Have you tried to use the report feature of Qlikview?  You can add a button to your sheet to print report and scale the report to the size you'd like.  However, this will print the sheet to a pdf.  The PDF will give you more options to crop and edit, if you have adobe acrobat.


          Reports > Edit Reports > Add Report then move the report screen down some and control + A on your dashboard then drag and drop the whole thing into the report and size appropriately.  Add a button with the action to print report with the correct report ID.


          Edit:  You could also change the action of the button to print sheet without creating a report, but the report will give you more options.