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    Select exclude with a button

      I have tried everything.  Can someone help me.  I want to have three buttons.

      • Current Month p/l (accounting month = vAcctMm)
      • Forward p/l (accounting month -= AcctMo)
      • Total p/l

      I can get the current month with a toggle switch

      For forward p/l, I have tried several alternatives including:

      • Select exclude
      • =Not(vAcctMo)
      • and the two scripts below

      ='=('&Concat({<[AccountingMonth]-={vAcctMo}>} Distinct AccountingMonth, '|') &')'

      ='-=('&Concat({<[AccountingMonth]={vAcctMo}>} Distinct AccountingMonth, '|') &')'


      Any thoughts would be appreciated.