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    Export Button works?? when I host the package on WEB?

      Hi Guys

      My question is - I have created a small package which I hosted on the web so that users can access the charts and tables provided.

      I have also added the export button but this button is not working .. Can you please help me to resolve this issue.


      Please let m eknow if you need any additional information from myside.



        • Re: Export Button works?? when I host the package on WEB?
          Sebastian Fredenberg

          Hi Singh,


          I think we need some more information about the issue so we can assist.


          Do you mean the export button in qlikview not working or the "export to excel" functionality in the scalability tools not performing the export? If it comes to the scalability tools, then you are in the correct place. However, that action will only trigger the export and getting the link to the exported files - it will not download the excel files for you.


          If there are general issues with the exporting from qlikview, then altough there might be someone to help here this is not really the best place for those questions. Documentation, support or soiemwhere on this community more dedicated to qlikview functionality would be the place to go.