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    Showing unassociated data

    Diwakar Nahata



      I have a tricky scenario where i have a straight table and a set of charts. In the charts i want to show the data as per the filters, but in the straight table i want to show even the non-associated data.

      For. e.g. I have a flag which selects data from data source A or B, both data sources are concatenated facts separated by a data source flag. They also have separate volume columns.

      Now, when i select the Data Source A, the charts works fine, but the straight table is expected to show both the volume columns ir-respective of the flag which is selected. So, it has to show the data which is not associated. Also, the other filters should work with the un-associated data of Source B.


      Let me know how this could be achieved in QlikView (preferably without using alternate states).




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          Avinash R

          Hi Diwakar,


          Try with advanced set analysis, use p() and E() function you can achieve this requirement

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              Avinash R

              to add little more details

              Indirect Set Analysis

              • p( ) = Possible

              • e( ) = Excluded



              Customer = p({<Year={$(=max(Year)-1)}>} Customer)

              Returns customers who had an association to last year.


              Customer = p({<Year={$(=max(Year)-1)} Customer>}) Sales)

              Returns this year’s sales for customers who had sales last year.


              sum({$<CompanyName = p({$<CategoryName={'Baby Clothes'}>}

              CompanyName)>} Sales)

              Sales for Customers who purchased Baby Clothes.

              The set p({}) returns the values of CompanyName (Customer) that

              purchased Baby Clothes.

              sum({$<CompanyName = p({$<CategoryName={'Baby Clothes'}>}

              CompanyName) - p({$<CategoryName={'SportsWear'}>}

              CompanyName)>} Sales)

              Sales for Customers who purchased Baby Clothes but not

              Sportswear.The first set p({}) returns CompanyName that purchased

              Baby Clothes.The second set p({}) returns CompanyName that

              Purchased SportsWear.The Unary Operator "-" between the two gives

              a list of Customers (CompanyName)that belong to the first but not the

              other set.