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    Loading limited data amount via variable

      Hi there,


      my name is Oliver, I'm from germany and I'm brandnew in the Qlik-Community.


      Last week I had the courses QlikView Designer & Developer and now I'm so excited that I spend the hole day on QlikView


      I built up the data modell and nearly everything works fine. Now I would like to do a little bit of fine tuning and for that I want to limit the amount of data. I don't want to do this with commenting and uncommenting "FIRST 100", so I thougt about an other possibility.


      I try the following and for the first moment it seems to work well:


      Let vLine = if($(vLimit) = '100','FIRST 100', '');



      LOAD ...


      On the surface there is an input box with a dropdown (vLimit -> 100;complete) wich allows me to make the selection.


      But if I use this way, the code highlighting in the script "says" that there is a mistake and that irritates me (see screenshot).

      Can someone give me a hint or tell me a better way?


      Thanks in advance


      Greetings from germany (Black Forrest)