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    Section Access - new permission not working...

      Hello, I'm having an issue with section access I wonder if anyone could help me out…


      Our section access is set up on an xls spreadsheet and is based on two fields; Source and Department…


      My user 'Joe Bloggs' currently has section access to:


      Source = IBS

      Department = TRADE CREDIT


      I'm trying to set him up with further access to:


      Source = IBS



      After adding the row in Excel and refreshing the QV doc he is not able to see the SPECIALITY REINSURANCE data.


      error loading image







      error loading image

      When I give him access to:


      Source = IBS

      Department = *


      Data for SPECIALITY REINSURANCE does pull though…



      error loading image

      The strange thing is that the section access works when I add departments individually... all except 'Marine' and 'Speciality Reinsurance'...


      I can't see any logic in this... have I missed something simple??????? Thanks, Mike

        • Section Access - new permission not working...
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hello Mike,

          Commenting the Section Access part, reload the document and select that user, select "Speciality Reinsurance", then go to File, Reduce Data, and select "Keep Possible Values". My guess is there will be no records left, so when your user accesses the document, the reduction takes place, and he's only able to see the records that is linked to. That reduction is what Section Access does.

          If this is not the case, split your security into two tables, one with NTNAME, USERID, PASSWORD, ACCESS and, say, GROUP and create another table in Section Application with the possilbe combinations for GROUP, SOURCE and DEPARTMENT.

          Maybe the blank between Speciality and Reinsurance is causing some issue?

          Hope this helps


          • Section Access - new permission not working...

            Thanks for your response Miguel... I figured out what was going on... I'm not sure it'll be particularly helpful to anyone else but just in case:

            Way back down the line we introduced a department_name_tidier_Spreadsheet.xls which renamed a load of dodgy/redundant department names to 'Other' also changed everything to uppercase in preparation for Section Access.

            Since then we'd tidied up the DB to remove the redundant names. I forgot about the xls and therefore as there was no record in the xls for two 'new' departments these weren't then passed through to section access hence their exclusion.

            So, I added the departments to the xls and section access now works! Phew... Mike