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    Documents access problem on web

    Syed Shah



      When I manually reload a document and put it in userdocuments, users are not able to access the qlikview report on web. However, when I reload the document through publisher/QMC, user can access the reports. If I run the task without reload, the user still cannot access the document


      The document has section access implemented and the users are loaded from a database whether the reload is run manually or form QMC.


      My questions is what could be the reason that only with a full reload, the users are able to access the document. The users are not able to access it if I copy the qlikview document directly into usersdocuments (fully loaded document)




        • Re: Documents access problem on web
          Ashfaq Mohammed



          With publisher you have extra mile of security. That's the reason if you place document to end user folder they will not see it.


          You can just distribute your application without reload make sure you add the required users to your distribution list and make sure you select Named user while distributing your application.


          Let me know if that worked.