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    Solution : Sheet Level Trigger Not Working in AJAX

    Shubhasheesh Chakraverty



      Since Couple of days I am trying to migrate my dashboard from IE Plugin Mode to AJAX Mode. This comes with bad news that Sheet Level triggers don't run in AJAX Mode. Neither Activate Sheet nor Leave Sheet Trigger. We always heard that VBScript Macro don't work but a JSCript Macro will work.


      So we search for one but we don't find any working example for JScript Macro.


      So we come up with another way to solve this and now our dashboard is working in AJAX Mode.



      1. Create a Hidden Button on the sheet where you are executing triggers / macros.

      2. In Macro Editor, choose JScript mode and write one function to press this button, this button in return will execute the triggers.

      function presshiddenbutton()




      4. This macro can be useful when you have hidden tab row and navigating to tabs from some button or list box selection.

      5. You may need to create simmilar JScript Macro for each sheet.

      6. Sheet Leave trigger can be handeledby a hidden button concept but you may need to tell QlikView which macro to execute. Use a variable.


      Hope that helps.


      Regards, !