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    Node appears offline



      A few days ago installed a multi node environment without any problem.

      Yesterday I wanted to create another one. I am having some issues:


      I do everything as last time (follow the documentation from the web):

      Installed Qlik Sense on ServerA - master - as central node.

      Installed Qlik Sense on ServerB - slave - as non-central node.


      Went to QMC on ServerA and from Nodes->Create-> added the server name, got a password which I have entered to the web browser on ServerB (//localhost:4750/certificatesetup). Service Unlocked. Everything seemed fine till this point.

      When I went back to QMC it showed me ServerB - node offline.

      I found some documentation how to redistribute - so follwed that, stopped the services, deleted the certifications and done the whole thing again. Node is offline...

      The log says is atempting to connect to ServerB. It also says that certification distribution happened:S I don't really understand what's going on.


      Could somebody advise me?