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    Repository Rest API Get Stream Apps

    Jean Philippe Golay


      In the repos rest api I need all applications belonging to a stream id


      for null streams if work as filter like this

      https://qsense.jp.com/QRS/app?xrfkey=abcdefghijklmnop&filter=stream eq null


      but as stream is a sub class of app how can I select in a sub class like stream.id eq '51bacafe-ebdf-47c0-8d35-615ef7bf5a5f' is not working


      https://qsense.jp.com/QRS/app?xrfkey=abcdefghijklmnop&filter=stream.id eq '51bacafe-ebdf-47c0-8d35-615ef7bf5a5f'


      here the App class


          "name": "App01",

          "appId": "",

          "publishTime": "2014-11-26T11:07:50.744Z",

          "published": true,

          "stream": {

            "name": "Finance",

            "privileges": null,

            "id": "51bacafe-ebdf-47c0-8d35-615ef7bf5a5f"


          "privileges": null,

          "id": "87fd1dd2-fd0e-46ef-a4c2-32b6523b211f"