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    Isolate Test and Prod Folders

    Ricardo gerhard

      By default, all application after upload are stored in C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Apps


      Is there a option to separate applications in two directories in the same Qlik Sense Server? Like a mounted folder in Qlikview Server.


      C:\Dev - Development Applications - Stream Dev - Security Rule DevUsers

      C:\Prod - Production Enviroment - Stream Prod - Security Rule ProdUsers


      gno, mto, rwunderlich, can help?

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          Giuseppe Novello



          Remember that in Sense you import the QVF files, you don't longer have to leave apps on a folder structure like Qlikview.  It does create a file type that might be use as reference ( in C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Apps) for the QRS, and I do not see that's changeable.

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            Oleg Troyansky

            If you REALLY-REALLY want to keep your Sense Apps in separate folders, you may, with some limitations:


            - These applications won't appear in the Hub. You can only open them by dragging the QVF file from the folder onto the Sense Desktop.

            - You can modify and save the Apps, and they will be saved in the corresponding folders.

            - I recall there was an issue with using the same App on multiple open tabs, but I don't recall exactly what it was...




            Oleg Troyansky