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    Reference line in combo chart ?

      Hi Everyone,

      I started Qlik Sense a week ago and was preparing a Pareto Chart using the Combo Chart, I wanted to show a reference line at 80% but couldnt find an option to do so. Is a Reference Line only available in a Bar Chart and not in a Combo Chart ? Or is there a way around this ?

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          Jyothish KC

          Hi Muntazir,


          Go to presentation tab in your graph and over there you will have Reference line box. Just add the value you want over there.




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            Michael Tarallo

            Hello Muntazir


            You are correct - the reference line option is not available in the combo chart, I am not sure if it will be added, but I will inform our PM group.


            In the mean-time - you can possibly calculate a trend or reference line using Qlik expressions. Check out the sample and solution to this post: http://community.qlik.com/message/590193


            Let us know how you do.


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            Mike Tarallo


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                Hello Michael-  Do you know if the Reference Line functionality made it into the pipeline for the next release?  This is a very useful feature.  I have a set of incident data that I am working to visualize on a combo chart.  It will have the date of the incident and the length of time it took to resolve.  Is there a way to add a solid horizontal line to the chart showing the Mean Time to Resolution (i.e. Average incident length) over all the date dimensions.  Your equation referenced above almost gets there but I don't want trending.


                Thanks for the help!

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                  DANIEL CHOTZEN


                  i know this post is very old, but seems my problem still isn't solved....?

                  The sample in the  link you mentioned was more about trend lines,

                  i am more interested in reference lines.

                  now, i know i can (and did) add another experssion as line and form it to be my value(f.e. 80%)

                  and that works fine.

                  the problem is that it is also effect by the color expression like the other measures.

                  so if i have different colors for ABC analysis, the 80% ref line needs to remain black.

                  so its a nice workaround.....but still would be nice to be able to have a place for a trend/reference line and sense will show it (ideally with a separated dynamic color expression


                  or....may be there is, and i just don't know about it


                  Thank you

                  Daniel Chotzen