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    .NET SDK GetTable and Totals



      I'm connecting to a Sense App using the .NET SDK, and getting tabular data by calling the ISheet member CreateTable, passing in a random string and table properties as parameters.


      The table properties has a HyperCubeDef of a dimension and measures, and a parameter of type TableTotals:

      Totals = new TableTotals
           Position = TableTotalsPosition.Top,
           Label = "Totals",
           Show = true


      I get data out from the table using the GetTable method and then calling GetData.


      I'd like to also get the totals, and I have done so using this after calling GetTable(...):


      var grandTotalCells = table.GrandTotalRow;


      In my app, I have 4 table cells and 2 totals cells.  How do I know for which table cell the total cell corresponds? (so are the totals relating to cell 1, cell 2, or something else?)




      In Sense, I am able to set a 'totals function' - how can I use this in code?


      Thanks and regards,