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    QVWS on a separate, non-domain server, users on QVS domain

    Kim Rørmark

      Hi guys,


      I have a problem I hope you may be able to help me with.


      A client wants to have the QVWS on a separate, non-domain/workgroup server, and the rest of the QV platform on an internal server that is member of a server domain.

      The users themselves are on a separate (office) domain.


      They want the users to be able to log in with a server domain user, by using the login page.


      We have the platform up and running, but as of now we are only able to log in using local users from the web server. Trying to log in with a server domain user fails.


      It is configured with NTFS authorization, which I would think should work, since the QVS is on the domain that has the users the want to log in with.


      Any thoughts regarding this. Is it possible to log in with users which is in a domain separated from the QVWS, or does the web server need to be in the domain having the users. Do we need to use DMS?


      Any help towards a solution is greatly appreciated!