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    Set Analysis comparing month year from multiple date field

    saurabh singh

      Hi All,


      i am stuck with a set analysis expression in which i want to compare the  max month and year from a date field, being same as  month and year from another date field,


      field1                 field            ID

      2/2/2015          2/3/2015          1

      2/2/2015          1/3/2015           2

      2/1/2015           2/5/2015          3

      1/1/2015           12/26/2014      4

      12/23/2014        10/23/2014     5



      So in the above case Feb 2015 is max in field1 so we want to count ID having Feb 2015 in field, so the count will be 2.


      Thanks for Help