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    Another idea! Qlik Sense Calendar Selection Tool

           Calendar Selection Tool

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      All my apps have a date dimension or several. I think that I am not alone. What I would like to see is calendar selection tool with a built-in calendar dimension. You define the master date dimension in the load script and you should be able to customize the calendar dimensions. Dateformat for Year, Month, Date, YearMonth, Week, etc all the usual stuff and some help fields for point in time calculations like MonthId and WeekID. It's also good to have a Today expression variable("=Today()-1") so the selection tool can have some quick selection buttons like, last 7 days or YTD. All customizable, of course. And a on open default time period selection, based of the today variable.

      Qlik Sense have the potential to be great some day, and I think it need to take date selection and calendar dimensions seriously and create a truly next generation solution that works for 90% of the common date manipulation cases.


      Here are some very useful links


      Point In Time Reporting Out Of The Box | iQlik - Everything QlikView.


      I think best in class calendar selection tools is the calendar widget in Google Analytics. That should be the inspiration and base-line.

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      What Google Analytics does that can't be done in Qlikview or Qlik Sense, without some clever dimensions, link tables and complicated set analysis expressions, is displaying as of date measures/dimensions in a chart. Take a look at an extension of mine to see how I implemented it without any clever dimensions, link tables and complicated set analysis expressions the user needs to know.




      Hope this find it's way to the R&D at QlikTech or that they are all already working on it and ready for release.

      If others here find this interesting I might take the time to create some mock-ups of my vision.