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    Grouping Values on list box

      Hi all,


      I'm new to using QV and this might be a stupidly simple question but would really like your help here.


      I am creating a dashboard to show difference between budget and actual spending for each entity within a business (there are about 50). I  created a list box showing this difference, but instead of displaying individual difference  (e.g.  -93322.00, -84466.00, -83492.00,-27418.00,0,123.00 ...and so on ), I want to show by intervals such as -100,000--50,000, -50,000-0, 0-50,000 etc.


      Is this possible?


      Thanks for your help in advance.:)



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          Marcus Sommer

          You could cluster such calculation with class() or use a rounding-function, maybe round(value, 10000).


          - Marcus

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              Thanks Marcus, I think the class( ) function is closer to what I'm trying to achieve. With the above example though I have entered the expression as Class (Difference, 25000); on the list box it would still show the actual value then the class e.g. -93322.00     -94000.00<=00.00<-69,000,  -84466.00  -94000.00<=00.00<-69,000


              Do you know how I could get rid of the actual value and only show the each class once?


              Thank a lot again

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                  Marcus Sommer

                  If you want to use such expression-clustering directly within the gui in a listbox or a chart you will need a wrapping from these expression with aggr(), maybe in this way:


                  = Class(aggr(EXPRESSION, DIMENSION), CLUSTER-SIZE, START


                  or more practical


                  = Class(aggr(sum(KPI) / Count(DISTINCT Month&Year), Store), $(Cluster), 'x', 0)


                  whereby $(Cluster) is a variable to increase the flixibility.


                  - Marcus

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                Hi Michelle,


                It is possible using intervalmatch() function at script level. Then you can show intervals in listbox as desired. Hope this helps.