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    qlikview shared file backup

    Syed Shah



      Our shared files in qlikview server often get corrupted and then all the customers bookmarks are lost. We are currently taking backups for last ten days and the Qlikview backups are already taking 200 GB space


      I would like to take the shared file backups for past three months as these files are quite small. Sometimes, our customers realize too late that the bookmarks are not working and then we do not have the sharedfile backup anymore because it cannot be recovered from past 10 days backups


      One easy way for this I believe would be to keep the shared files in some separate folder and then keep taking its snapshots.I don't want to backup the whole user documents folder because it contains qlikview files and they are quite heavy and three months backup will take space in TBs


      My question: Is it possible to keep the shared files for all documents in some separate folder or in a sub folder inside userdocuments so that its easier for us to take backup of only one folder with shared files only?


      If someone has a better solution, kindly suggest to me as well, as this is becoming quite a bit problem for us as the shared file often gets corrupted