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    Elements, that change color, depending on cell content

      Hello everyone,


      I am new to QlikView and I want to implement the following:


      I need an element (QlikView-Object), that is a simple rectangle. Further I have an excel-datasource (imported through the "edit script" component, like in the totorial video), which looks like this:


      Object  |  State


      object1 | active

      object2 | active

      object3 | waiting

      object4 | active

      object5 | active

      object6 | broken

      object7 | active


      ... and so on...


      I now want the 7 rectangles, that represent my objects (for now I've just created simple text boxes) to change the color. For example green, if the objects state is active, yellow if the state is waiting and red if the state is broken.


      How is that possible?


      P.S. The excel-document-import works well so far. I've two tables, one is called Object, the other is called State and I can click on their rows to see which object is in which state and so on.


      I would appreciate any help!