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    connect ipad to non AD Server?

    Adam Davies

      Hi All,


      My server went bang this evening.

      I've got QVWS running happily on my windows 8 laptop but haven't a clue how to connect other devices to it.

      Everything I've done before has been via AD & a domain which was nice and simple


      Any advice greatfully received

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          Peter Cammaert

          Where is QVS installed?


          If everything is installed on a laptop, you can still use a company AD (slows down some operations because of timeouts) or you can start defining accounts in your local machine domain. Add a DSC line of type "local directory" to the Directory Service.

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              Adam Davies

              QVS and everything else is all on one laptop at home which is not attached to any domain or AD.


              Basically we have a trial of the small business server for testing an ipad app which I am running at home. We've only got the license for a month which is why I wanted to get it running on the laptop while I wait for the new PSU for my server (again at home)


              All QV is running under a local user and its running fine, I can connect to the access point on this machine either via local host or the ip address but the ipad won't resolve the address through safari or the app.