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    Automatically insert a variable whenever a new script_tab is opened?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      we have a "Template_QlikView" that should be used whenever a new app is to be created that has a number of standard_elements that should be used everywhere.


      Whenever something new comes along and I think of some best way of doing it, I try to implement it there.

      => The newest thing I have is a variable that inserts a few lines to make the beginning of a new tab (in the script) more apparent when
            used in the Debugger or in the log. (it has to be inserted at the very end of a tab, though, to appear BEFORE the automatically
            inserted tab_name)

      => Is there any way I can set the editor to insert that variable_call at the very end of any new script_tab that I add automatically, like
           a template in MS_Office?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,