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    question about rank function

    Larisa Filonova

      Hi all,


      I have a question concerning rank function.

      Say, I have two tables (see the file attached).

      In the first table I can show TOP brands from position Number ‘X’ to position Number ‘Y’. X&Y values are user-defined and can be set in input boxes. E.g. a user can set TOP brands (from №11 to №20). This functionality is implemented by the means of calculated dimension in the table using aggr&rank function.

      In the second table I show all possible brands always from position 1 to the maximal position.

      In both tables I set Brands order using rank function: rank([Budget]).

      As you can see the sort order in both tables is different. For instance HYUNDAI is defined as number 1 in the first table and as number 11 in the second table.

      I need HYUNDAI to be number 11 in both tables.

      How can I do it?


      Thank you in advance,


      Larisa Filonova