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    Conditional dimension in Sense

      Hi Everyone,


      Im working on my Qlik Sense project and needed some guidance.


      I have 4 Columns in my data:



      Now I need to create a chart that will count the number of S/N in a month, but the condition being that every month(the month is in Period, which i will later convert using Date()) will have two entries, one for first half denoted by 15 in "Number" and one in second half denoted by any "Number" greater than 15(16, 17, 18). Now the count should be only for the latest period ie second half("Number" greater than 15), unless the date selected is less than 15(this again im implementing through a Master Calendar).


      Im unable to form the right expression for it, having tried the condition in Conditional Dimension and Measure, any guidance will be greatly appreciated.