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    Dropdown selection contains irrelevant data compare to actual data

    anil kadiri

      Hi Experts,

      I have Dimension  [End date] in Straight Table& Pivot Table in my chart.

      End Date=Date(EngagementBilling_End_Date__c,'DD MMM YYYY').For this im getting right count in Straight & Pivot table.

      Given Dropdown option for EndDate and contains only data for Feb & March .below is the screenshot.Incase if we select dropdown

      it is giving whole calender stuff in my selection

      After dropdown selection ,im getting whole data like junk data & Unneccessary data.which not relavent to my actual data in chart(Straight & Pivot table)

      Kinldy please suggested me the best way to avoid  unnessary data which is not relavent to actaul data in staright Table.


      Thank you b