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    SAML siteminder SSO integration




      Could you please confirm whether I can setup SAML siteminder SSO integration on QlikView Enterprise server test licenses.


      Also, in Customer Authenticationv2.0 its stated that

      "A current limitation is that the QVWS or IIS used in steps 2 and 3 (i.e. the server you collect the ticker from and the server you redirect the user to) must be the same machine. "



      Can anyone elaborate the above statement?


      Thanks in advance




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          Rikard Braathen

          Hi Keerthy,


          For Siteminder integration you would typically use header authentication in QlikView. Siteminder will perform all the authentication and then populate the HTTP header with the current userid which QlikView will pick from there.


          You don't need to use tickets for the above configuration to work, but the statement is about if you're using multiple webservers, the ticket session is only valid on the webserver you requested it from.