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    Issues in QlikSense

      We are facing several issue when working with QlikSense as below


      1. Postcode having alphanumeric & number in a column and when used this data in table/listbox and exported to excel, it ignores numbers in the excel file. (This is issue is posted in QlikSense forum)

      2. No. Of columns visible in a table is limited in Qliksense (max it is showing 10), there is no property to increase this (This is possted in forum. - No. Of columns increase).

      3. Though extra columns added, they are showing in grayed out in column picker list in table. When these columns moved to visible list it is not moving properly.

      4. If the columns are rearranged in the table in edit mode, it shows properly in table, but when exported, the ordered structure is not reflected in exported excel file.

      5. If a key column values in fact table is null & when the dimension table uses left keep(fact), qliksense reload fails. This is not occurring when "Exists" function used (This issue is posted into forum, but no reply as of now - Left Keep issue in QlikSense)

      6. Exists function not working properly in QlikSense when filter applied from source table to destination table (all values are displaying in destination table).

           If "trim" function applied for the key field in destination table then the data getting filtered.
           "Left Keep" also working fine in this scenario

      We will post this issue in forum


      Hope to get answers / feedback on these issues.


      Thank you

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Chenna, We received this and I will send over to R&D for review.



          Please mark the appropriate replies as CORRECT / HELPFUL so our team and other members know that your question(s) has been answered to your satisfaction.



          Mike Tarallo


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            ISHFAQUE AHMED

            Dear Chenna,


            Let me clear you for point no. 2.


            It's not column fixed, it's all about your display resolution and dimension/measures format issue.


            Please apply format over the measures then you feel the difference.


            Last time I saw near about 18 fields in single view.



            Kind regards,

            Ishfaque Ahmed

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              Pierce Barber



              Please contact Qlik Support to create cases for your issues.


              Provide -


              Valid Qlik Sense license

              Full and detailed steps to reproduce the issues

              All the items needed to reproduce the issue. Including, but not limited to images, QVFs, logs, QVDs, Excel files, videos and etc ...

              What version of Qlik Sense, Operating System and if it is x86 or x64,

              Any other pertinent information that we would need to address these issues.


              Please Note - We can not engage R&D via the Community site as it needs to go through the proper channels and through Support under the maintenance agreement.


              I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.


              Best Regards,