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    Creating a QVD


      I'm new to QV and trying to work with a large amount of data.

      Is there a way to export a 5 mill row table directly from an SQL table into a QVD file to work with?


      I'm currently trying this method through the edit script function;


      ODBC CONNECT TO Master01;

      SQL SELECT *

      FROM Tester.dbo."OutputInst";

      STORE OutputInst INTO C:\Users\Instance.qvd (QVD);


      is there any easier way to make the initial QVD ready for future incremental updates?


      Thanks for your help in advance.

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          Shiva Reddy

          there is no other way,first time u have to load all ur data into qvd then u can implement incremental concept!

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              Agreed with Shiva.


              The first run through is creating the initial load of the QVD so you can then going forward perform incremental loads.  It'll take the most time to run but offers amazing performance load gains afterwards.


              What I've done is create a schedule for the initial load 1 time in the QMC in the off hours period (4:30 am lets say) and it's done and ready.


              Another tip I use is an if and do an if file not exists check and do the initial qvd genetaion else do the incremental load routine.  Helps when passing through the Dev Test Prod environments and automatically sets up the initial load QVD and future incremental loads in one pass.


              Hope it helps Ben.