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    customized grouping in pivot-tables

      Hi everybody,


      I am currently working with QV  and need to migrate former reports from excel. A common issue that has not been solved yet is the implementation of 'customized' subtotals in pivot tables.


      For example: For certain clusters or product segments I'd like to show subtotals in our pivot table (see attachment). Is there any option to group dimensions individually within QV?


      Microsoft Excel.png

      I am aware of the possibility to map the clusters/product segments beforehand and to add another level to the dimension. Then we could show the subtotals for this new dimension. However, I consider this option as not nice - especially in large pivot charts.


      Any tips & tricks?



      Any information would me much appreciated.


      Best regards,


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          Hi Tobias,


          this could be a long shot in the dark. try to tick the "Dropdown select" and "Show Partial Sums", under the "Presentations" sheet in your Chart properties. selected it for every expression.


          Hope it helps.

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            Marcus Sommer

            If it should be in one single dimension you will need additionally dimension-items within your data-model:


            concatenate (CountryDimensionTable)


            Load * Inline [


            Sum America

            Sum Asia




            Maybe you used an extra Country field for this - Country as CountryWithPartialSumDummy - to keep your main field clean. Then within the expressions you need to query these Country field if it is a partial sum and when it is then use some set analysis statements like: if(Country = 'Sum ...', sum({< Country = {'x', 'y', 'z'}>} value), sum(value)).


            But with an additionally Country group and native partial sums would it be easier and such Country group could be very small, maybe only a number or a single char.


            - Marcus

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              Joseph Simmons

              Hi Tobias,


              if you need these within a single dimension, you could potentially add a side dimension grouping for your country field, adding in the required sub total values you require against the corresponding countries.

              This would side separately to your main fact table and so your standard expressions should work fine for it.

              you can then add some logic to the dimension and expression format to bold the rows you want.


              Have a look at the attached, should give you the idea of what I mean


              hope that helps