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    Qlik View - Basics

      Hi Folks


      Nice to see you virtually ,


      I am planning to learn  Qlikview Tool. I have completed my masters in Computer Science .


      I am planning to move  from current  Domain ,  Basically i am a java developer  having 4 Yrs in java /J2EE Technologies & not interested to write code any more.


      I wanted to  change  my career  to any predictive analysis Domain which is  evolving now in India  .


      As per my knowledge i believe   QV ( QlickView) ,  Tableau   & Spotfire  ( Tibco)  are the best Analysis tools shaking the  Indian market.


      Can  anybody guide me  on below

      what is the prerequisite to learn Qlick View ,Tableau .

      Do  let me know what is inmemory tool ( QK Tableau) ?

      What is the difference between  Tarditional BI Tools ( cognos ) & QV, Tableau  .



      appreciate your help in answering the above queries.




        • Re: Qlik View - Basics
          Friedrich Hofmann

          Hi Kumar,


          just have a look on youtube, there are a number of learners'  videos available. Also there are a number of blogs and

          other resources on this site that should answer most of your questions.

          - "In memory" just means that the entire program, as well as the working data, is stored in working memory, which makes the whole thing extremely fast.

          If you have worked as a programmer, there's no need to worry about prerequisites to using QlikView. It's pretty easy to get into.



          Best regards,