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    How can I share documents between Named license users


      My question is about sharing documents.  I have a Named user license and created a Qlikview application on my PC.  I would like to share it with another Named user.  How can I do that?  Can I put it on a shared drive for him to upload to his PC or can I have him just use it directly from that drive? Will that work for him so he can use the list boxes to change what is displayed and possibly edit boxes he wants changed? All the references I read here have to do with going through the Qlikview Server.  My IT people tell me I have to give them the file and they will put it up on the Qlikview server.  But my file contains information they absolutely should not have access to.  Also, I do not want the overhead of going through them each time to send files to that user.  Can someone tell me if I can send Qlikview documents to another user without IT or the Qlikview server being involved.


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          Colin Albert

          Users who work in IT should be trusted to have the ability to access data that they "should not see", but the level of professionalism and trust that they do not view or abuse that data.

          If they not meet these criteria, then they should not have a job in IT!



          That said, you could ask IT to add a mounted folder (and share) on the QV Server that you, and the colleagues you wish to share the data with, have permissions to write to. Then you can copy the file to that folder yourself and it will be only accessible by your colleagues who have access to the folder.


          You may need to involve IT if the document needs to be reloaded on a schedule, unless you have access to manage reloads yourself.

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            Rob Wunderlich

            You can leave the file on a shared drive and both of you can use Qlikview Desktop to open it.